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Parsley microgreens are vegetables and rich in many biologically active compounds, it can be distinguished from other leafy green herbs by its unique aroma. Harvested just after they have sprouted and produced their first set of true leaves.Parsley is used as a table garnish.

Microgreens are relatively easy to grow on a small scale and can also thrive indoors if indirect bright light is available.Parsley which is grown for its edible root.The leaves are compound, alternately arranged, and are divided into two to three leaflets.

The roots are a faint yellow colored ofcarrot shape. Follow the steps to grow your own Microgreens:Select a container having 4-6 inch upper diameter.Fill the container with well drained and nutrient rich soil leaving some space (About 1 inch) below rim.Scatter seeds over potting soil in a planter and cover with another thin layer of soil.Mist the soil with water and Cover the seed container with a transparent plastic paper.Place near a source of bright indirect sunlight or under artificial bright light.Continue to mist the seeds to keep the soil moist. Don’t overwater it. Remove plastic wrapping once seeds start to germinate.After germination the Microgreens will be ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks.

Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet 100
Common Name Garden parsley, Rock parsley


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